Sunday, November 3, 2013

Real Estate Investing - Building Your Dream Team With CraigsList

In previous articles I talked about all the different ways to build your real estate investing dream team. I talked about how to use two amazing shortcuts for finding the absolute best dream team members and why you should consider using those instead of the traditional ways of finding dream team members. For those that missed the last article, the shortcuts were to tap into the dream teams of other real estate investors that you know and to tap into real estate agent and broker's dream teams.

Today, I will be sharing with you some strategies for using CraigsList or other classified ad websites for finding and building your dream team.

First, if you are looking to network with other real estate investors to ask them for recommendations to key dream team members, you will also want to review the material I have on how to build a buyers list of real estate investors. Those strategies are great ways to find real estate investors that you can ask if they know a good (fill in the blank with a dream team member you are trying to find) that works with investors.

You can also post ads directly seeking key dream team members. What category do you post these ads in? I post them in the jobs section. Why the jobs section? Aren't you looking to hire that dream team member to do work for you? Yes, you are.

While you can do this with every type of dream team member, let's take a quick look at how this might work to find a real estate agent so that we can tap into their existing network for other dream team members (which is one of our shortcuts).

You post an ad in the real estate jobs section of CraigsList saying something like this:

Local Real Estate Investor Seeking Real Estate Agent/Broker

I am a local real estate investor looking to hire the best real estate agent or broker to help find me great investor deals in the MLS. I can tell you exactly what I am looking for, so that you can find them and help me buy them. You will be paid your normal commission with your existing broker. You can continue to work with your other clients as well. Call me at (and give your phone number).

Will you get calls from this ad? Yes. Will they all be great real estate agents? No. Will you get the occasional great agent calling? Yes. In fact, from similar ads that I have run, I've been told that it was not the great agent that found it, but a friend that shared the ad with him or her, which prompted the agent to call me.

Another method of using CraigsList or other classified ad websites for building your dream team is to actually call on ads that people are posting. I prefer to post ads and have people contact me, but you absolutely can build your dream team by calling dream team members that are advertising their products and services on CraigsList.

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