Sunday, November 3, 2013

How To Market Real Estate Investing Articles

I run a network of about 50 real estate related blogs and do a good deal of promoting those blogs by writing real estate investing articles. In this article I will be teaching you the steps I take to market my real estate investing articles once I have written them to get some exposure for my blogs, actual real estate deals and real estate courses.

First, I usually publish the article that I wrote on the Learn To Be Rich blog. That is my starting point for just about every real estate investing article that I write.

Second, I immediately copy and paste the article into the publisher on Why did I select First, I like their interface, but more importantly if you go and check Alexa's traffic reports you can see that their are the best in their category for traffic and reach.

Next, I take the article that I wrote and I add a link directly to it in my sequential auto responder series that my subscribers get. Since new subscribers come on to my e-mail list at all different times, what I usually do is make sure that I have plenty of scheduled e-mails to send to them over time and I use links to these articles to give them something of value in the e-mails. Since the articles I publish on my blog usually drop of the first few pages of the website in a day or two, having direct links deep into the site on these sequential auto-responder e-mails helps to keep those articles fresh and directs traffic to them.

Next, I make an announcement post on the other 50 or so blogs that I run that tell those blog visitors (which are mostly city specific blogs) that there is a great new article about real estate investing on my main blog. People reading that blog and its city specific content then can also get the more general real estate investing information that I write about in articles.

Finally, I see if I can add a link to the article in our deal analysis software that generates a fully detailed real estate deal analysis blog entry for real world real estate deals that we analyze on If I can add some variety to the blog post generator with a sentence referencing the article, I will add the article to the mix as well.

So, that is how I market my real estate investing articles to promote our blogs, actual real estate deals and real estate courses.

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