Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fear of Moving - Relocation Trepidation

It's actually not all that uncommon; plenty of people have a fear of moving. And not without reason, whether you are moving across town or across the country it's a big job and comes with a certain amount of risk. I'd like to address a few of the most common fears and give you some tips that can help you reduce your moving stress.

The best thing you can do to allay apprehension is get some professional help. Hire a reliable moving company to perform your move and much of the stress and strain will be relieved. The mover will assign an experienced moving consultant to oversee all aspects of your relocation, which can give you great peace of mind.

Some of the specific issues that you might be worried about regarding local or long distance moving are:

· Anxiety about getting it all done - it's true that there is plenty to do; make a plan that includes a timeline and tackle each task in order as it comes along. Focus on each job, check them off as they're accomplished, and watch your list (and your stress level) shrink away to nothing.

· Dreading getting all your services switched over - and worries that you might overlook something critical. It's an unavoidable chore, but one that might not be as difficult as you think, many of these tasks can now be performed online. Of course you should start by making a list of everything that you need to change over; you don't want to forget essentials like cable or internet service!

· Fear of settling into a new community - especially for families that include children. If you are moving long distance it can be extra stressful because of the need to establish many new relationships with doctors, dentists, schools, social and recreation groups. It can be very helpful if you find the time to pay a visit to your new community before moving there to familiarize yourself with the area schools, libraries, recreational facilities and any other places you will be spending time at after your move. Ask around and get references to professionals (doctors, dentists etc.) in the new community as well.

· Worry about cherished items getting damaged during the move- if you aren't sleeping at night because of anxiety about your collection of china figurines getting smashed or the finish on your grand piano being ruined your stress levels will go through the roof. A reliable moving company will have experienced packers who know how to protect your fragile items, and specialty transport can be hired to relocate certain items (like your piano). Extremely valuable or precious items you might decide to transport in your own vehicle so that you can keep an eye on them!

· Apprehensive of being ripped off - we've all heard the horror stories about dishonest movers who take advantage of clients in different ways, including holding their belongings hostage for a higher than quoted fee. This should be the least of your fears if you hire a reliable moving company to perform your move. Research moving companies before hiring, ask friends and neighbours for recommendations and check with the Better Business Bureau to find a mover with a good record and reputation.

Armed with this information you should be able to conquer your fear of moving. If you hire a reliable moving company you can reduce your moving stress...don't be afraid!

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